The Search Committee for the Directorship of the UP National Hydraulic Research Center (UP NHRC) shall accept nominations from 15 September to 23 September 2022 (until 11:59 PM). Please submit the following documents in PDF:

1.     Nominator/s’ signed nomination letter containing the justification for the nomination (please include current contact details of the (first) nominator);

2.     Nominee’s summarized curriculum vitae (at most three (3) pages);

3.     Nominee’s signed letter of acceptance of the nomination, stating willingness to serve as Director; and

4.     Nominee’s vision and plans for the UP NHRC in broad terms, including his/her flagship programs.

Kindly address and send via email all letters/nominations/submissions to:

Search Committee for the Directorship of the UP National Hydraulic Research Center

c/o Prof. Ariel C. Blanco

Email address:

Subject: Nomination for NHRC Director

Who May Nominate:

Faculty members, REPS, administrative personnel, students, alumni, UP constituents, interested candidates, and other stakeholders.

Who May Be Nominated

The nominee must possess the following minimum qualifications:

1.     Filipino citizen;

2.     Commitment to academic freedom and values and ideals of the University;

3.     Outstanding academic credentials, including a doctoral degree in Hydraulic Engineering, Water Resources/Coastal Engineering, or in an allied field, and extensive R&D experience in fields associated with the UP NHRC;

4.     Leadership qualities and administrative capability;

5.     Must be willing to serve as Director; and

6.     Must consider resource generation an important function of the position.

The nominee need not be a faculty member at the time of nomination. Should s/he be

appointed, s/he must have a faculty appointment.

Schedule of Activities

Call for Nominations  15 September 2022
Deadline for Submission of Nominations  23 September 2022
Public Forum via Zoom Webinar: Incumbent Director’s Report and Presentation of Nominee/s  26 September 2022*
Search Committee Interviews with Stakeholders  27 September 2022*
Search Committee Interviews with Nominee/s  28 September 2022*
Submission of Search Committee Report to the Dean  7 October 2022

     *Schedule may change. Any change in schedule will be announced.