A 3-year program which aims to enhance local capacity in space technology through development of microsatellite systems.
Launched the first Filipino-built 50-kg class microsattelites (Diwanta-1 and Diwata-2) for scientific and multispectral earth observation.
Joel Joseph Marciano (EEEI)
A stand-alone English learning software program designed specifically for Filipinos.
Susan P. Festin (DCS)
Enrico C. Paringit (DGE)
Robust Real-Time Early Warning System for Landslides
An alternative instrument for monitoring deep-seated landslides to provide a better understanding of ground conditions.
Mark Zarco (ICE), Joel Marciano (EEEI)
Community Led Integrated Non-Cyanide Non-Mercury Gem Extraction Method
A safe and eco-friendly gold separation and extraction process.
Herman D. Mendoza (DMMME)