The University of the Philippines Diliman College of Engineering extends its heartfelt congratulations to the exceptional graduates of the October 2023 Metallurgical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Geodetic Engineering Licensure Examinations, as conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

UPD College of Engineering proudly acknowledges the outstanding achievements of its graduates, along with the graduates from UPLB College of Engineering and Agro-industrial Technology and UP Visayas. The impressive results reflect the College’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence and the consistent production of highly competent engineers.

In the October 2023 Metallurgical Engineer Licensure Examinations, the UPD College of Engineering is thrilled to congratulate all passers. A special mention goes to the graduates from the UP Department of Mining, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering (UP DMMME), which emerged as the top-performing school with a remarkable 100% passing rate. Their dedication and hard work are truly commendable, and we take immense pride in their success.

In the October 2023 Chemical Engineer Licensure Examination, UP Diliman once again showcased its excellence, achieving a remarkable 100% passing rate. The success of the UP Diliman Department of Chemical Engineering graduates is a testament to their dedication and hard work. We also extend warm congratulations to the passers from UPLB College of Engineering and Agro-industrial Technology and UP Visayas-Iloilo City Campus, who performed exceptionally well in the same examinations. Their success serves as an inspiration to all aspiring engineers and reinforces the world-class education provided by UP.

Moreover, in the October 2023 Electronics Engineer Licensure Examination, UP Diliman proudly secured the top spot with a 96.67% passing rate. The graduates of UP Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute showcased their exceptional abilities, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to them.

As the UPD College of Engineering, we are committed to producing engineers who will contribute significantly to the betterment of our nation. These remarkable achievements by our graduates reaffirm our dedication to this noble cause. We encourage these new engineers to continue using their skills for the progress of our society.

Let us all join in celebrating these significant milestones in engineering education and recognize the unwavering dedication and commitment of UP Diliman’s College of Engineering graduates. Mabuhay ang mga bagong inhenyero ng bayan! Paglingkuran natin ang ating bayan! Padayon!