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The competition aims to harness the talents of landscape architects in the design of landscapes for the Melchor Hall Site and the Engineering Complex.


A team of at least one (1) landscape architect, registered under the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), hereinafter “participants”, may participate in the competition by submitting an entry that shows their design proposal for the landscapes of the Melchor Hall site and the Engineering Complex.


The design of the landscape should incorporate expressions of the following values and concepts particularly in the field of Engineering:

o Sustainability

o Resilience

o Creativity

o Innovation

o Service and social responsibility

The use of low maintenance and locally produced innovative materials, and indigenous flora are highly encouraged. The design should follow applicable laws and standards, including UP architectural standards.

Landscape Design

Each entry shall include the detailed conceptual landscape design for the Melchor Hall Site and the Engineering Complex that will:

1. Contribute to the enhancement and/or establishment of vehicular and pedestrian circulation and wayfinding.

2. Create a “sense of arrival” for the sites.

3. Provide spaces for active use (i.e. playing games, exercising and assemblies) and lush, shaded areas for more activities that require a more quiet environment.

4. Create pleasant views both to users of outdoor space and those viewing the outdoor spaces from different areas inside the buildings.

5. Create areas that may function as “photo-op” (photo opportunities) area among regular users and guests.

6. Provide a multi-functional open space (to be installed with PA (public address) system for activities such as assemblies, production of the college lantern for the annual Lantern Parade and emergency evacuation.

7. Include an outdoor landscape lighting system.