We are now accepting appeals for readmission for Midyear, AY 2023-2024

Access procedures here: bit.ly/CoEReadmission

Who should apply?

1. Students with academic delinquencies who did not apply for readmission and were not readmitted since 2nd semester, AY 2023-2024

2. Students on AWOL or MRR

3. Non-major students who need to appeal for extension of non-major status

4. Students who failed to comply with their readmission contract

Send your application here:

• For BS CE, BS ChE, BS CS students: bit.ly/CoERead12024-A

• For BS IE, BS GE, BS ME, BS MatE students: bit.ly/CoERead12024-B

• For BS EE, BS ECE, BS CoE, BS MetE, BS EM students: bit.ly/CoERead12024-C

• For Non-major status students: bit.ly/CoERead12024-D


For students on AWOL: June 10, 12:00 NN

For students with other delinquencies: June 27, 12:00 NN

For inquiries, email engg.ocs@coe.upd.edu.ph