In accordance with the national government’s announcement of the EXTENSION of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in the Greater Manila Area or NCR Plus Bubble, as well as the UP Diliman announcement (UPD-Bulletin-2021-7), the UP College of Engineering staff and members of the faculty will still adopt a work from home (WFH) arrangement from April 5 to April 9.

For staff, please coordinate with your supervisors. For faculty, please coordinate with your respective Institute Directors or Department Chairpersons.

Non-urgent concerns and documents that need wet signatures will have to wait until the ECQ is lifted after April 4 for processing.

In exceptional cases, when personnel performing essential functions need to enter a UPCoE facility, then consider the following protocols:

Step 1: Inform the immediate supervisor regarding the request to enter the relevant UPCoE building.
Step 2: The immediate supervisor notifies the Department Chairperson or Institute Director regarding the request.
Step 3: The Department Chairperson or Institute Director notifies the Office of the Associate Dean for Administration for approval.

Project/research related documents:

Mr. Mark Opinaldo – macjoy10@yahoo.com

Other communications directed to the Office of the Dean:

Ms. Ina Hipolito – ina.hipolito@coe.upd.edu.ph

Student registration, dropping, LOA, substitution concerns:

Assoc. Prof. Eligia Clemente – ocs@coe.upd.edu.ph


Ms. Lynne Serrano – rcserrano1@up.edu.ph


Ms. Joy Bolina – jbbolina.erdt@coe.upd.edu.ph

Student-related concerns:

Assoc. Prof. Juvy Balbarona – jabalbarona@up.edu.ph

Please ensure that all submitted documents requiring signatures are complete (i.e. supporting documents, correct signatories, etc.) to avoid any delays. All received documents will be properly acknowledged.

Please refer to the MECQ Guidelines of the UPD College of Engineering for more information. If you have any questions and clarifications, kindly send an email to the Associate Dean for Public Affairs (adps_coe.upd@up.edu.ph)

UPD CoE Bulletin August 3, 2020