March 31, 2020

After the initial presentation of five projects, the UP College of Engineering (UPCoE) has identified three (3) more projects that may aid us in this time of crisis. The following gives some details on these, including a short description of the proposed concept, the project proponents, and the needed cash infusion to initiate work. Project implementation will still be conducted in coordination with the UP Engineering Research and Development Foundation, Inc. (UPERDFI) and UP Alumni Engineers (UPAE).


There is an urgent need for alcohol, bleach, and other disinfectants in order to contain the spread of the SARS-CoV-2. Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) has a long history of use as a bleaching agent and disinfectant; however, it is unstable, possibly releasing toxic chlorine gas when it decomposes. The ClorGen project aims to design and build an in-situ hypochlorite disinfectant system, which could be used in establishments requiring constant disinfection. Using an electrochemical reactor, NaOCl can be generated from brine water using electricity at the desired quantity and quality for effective use as a disinfectant.

Project lead: Dr. Joey D. Ocon (DChE)

Project team members: Dr. Julie Anne D. del Rosario (DChE), Dr. Miguel M. Remolona (DChE), Dr. Allan Yago (IC), Prof. Marlon Mopon Jr. (DChE) and Engr. Paul Jake Nalzaro (DChE)

Project Estimated Amount: PhP 300,000.00


The Powered Air-Purifying Respirator is a ventilation device that provides positive air pressure within the mask and with air filtered through an N95 inline filter. A mechanical air fan takes ambient air and courses it through the medical ventilation tubing, the inline N95 filter, then to the CPAP mask. An additional N95 filter may be fitted at the intake side of the air fan to assure that the intake air is thoroughly clean. This device will provide filtered air to the user at positive pressure, reducing the chances of inhaling virus-contaminated air. In this project, two teams (7A and 7B) are involved in producing separate designs and associated prototype models.

Project lead (7A): Prof. Paul Rodgers (DME)

Project team members: Dr. Louis Angelo Danao (DME) and Dr. Francis Palencia (Argonix Medical Corporation)

Project lead (7B): Dr. Gerald Jo C. Denoga (DME)

Project team members: Engr. Ralph S. Jose (UPDME Alumnus), Instr. Gaudan Albert Chekov Castillo (EEEI), Dr. Juvy A. Balbarona (DME), Asst. Prof. Samiel Louie Arrojado (DME) and Instr. Jose Ygnacio Jesus A. Macaspac V (DME)


As ventilators become scarce, there is an opportunity to tap some of the discarded, non-functioning ventilators in hospitals, particularly at the UP-PGH. This project aims to repair these non-functioning units, and then re-introduce the revived ventilators into active service. The repair protocols derived from the project can also be made available to other hospitals where repairable units exist.

Project lead: Asst. Prof. Samiel Louie Arrojado (DME)

Project team members: Dr. Gerald Jo C. Denoga (DME), Prof. Ferdinand G. Manegdeg (DME) and Dr. Carl Michael F. Odulio (EEEI)

We again rely on your generous support to assist us in this undertaking. For cash donations, please course through the UP Engineering and Research Development Foundation (UPERDFI) or UP Alumni Engineers (UPAE):

Name – UP Engineering Research and Development Foundation, Inc.

Bank and account – BPI (Loyola Katipunan)

C/A 3081-0292-44

Name – UPAEA, Inc.

Bank and account – BDO Peso Savings (Katipunan Branch) 003570035829

Name – University of the Philippines Alumni Engineers Association, Inc. (UPAEA, Inc.)

Bank and account – BDO Dollar Savings (Katipunan Branch) 103570152663


Kindly send a copy of the deposit slip, or a screenshot of the electronic transaction, to Dr. Eden May B. dela Peña (, Associate Dean for Public Service College of Engineering UP Diliman, for accounting purposes. Donations will be acknowledged accordingly, and an audited report will be emailed to our donors.

Furthermore, for suggestions and enquiries on ChlorGen, PAPR project(7A), PAPR project (7B) and ventilator revitalization send an email to Dr. Joey D. Ocon (, Prof. Paul Rodgers (, Dr. Gerald Jo Denoga ( and Asst. Prof. Samiel Louie Arrojado (, respectively.

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