Last November 20, “wA.M. wF.M.” or Wednesday Mornings with Ferdie Manegdeg was launched. It is a weekly Wednesday morning conversation with constituents about anything under the sun over a cup of coffee, tea, and light snacks. This is also a venue to know more about the faculty members, staff, REPS, alumni, and students and is also a platform to discuss various concerns that they may want to bring up.

During its first run, Dean Manegdeg was able to discuss with Asst. Prof. Wilson Tan, Assoc. Prof. Terence Tumolva, Asst. Prof. 7 Juvy Balbarona, and Asst. Prof. Jill Manapat about the College Disciplinary Committee and with Asst. Prof Juvy and Asst. Prof. Jill about the UP College of Engineering’s Quick Response to Community Challenges.

For those interested to set an appointment, you may schedule an appointment through Ms. Marie at 8981-8500 local 3120 or