The UP College of Engineering community joins the rest of peace-loving citizens of the world in denouncing the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. War can only bring sorrow and destruction as what is being seen now on world-wide news coverages. This is particularly saddening for people like us who only work for knowledge, progress, and service. The use of military force as an act of aggression against a sovereign territory is never justifiable. Above all, war victimizes innocent civilians. As of writing, 1 million Ukrainian refugees have fled their homes and country as violent attacks, such as bombing and shelling, continue. [1] The situation urges international organizations, envisioned to maintain world peace and international cooperation, to exercise their duties to humankind. The United Nations Charter, being the instrument of international law that binds UN member countries, prohibits the use of force in international relations. Furthermore, the UN Charter provides for “solution by negotiation, inquiry, mediation, … or other peaceful means.” The situation similarly compels states, including the Philippine government, to condemn Russian military invasion, call for peaceful settlement of disputes, and stand for just and lasting peace.

All feuding parties in this conflict are therefore urged to adhere to the UN Charter, respect all territorial integrity, stop hostilities, engage in peace negotiations to settle their disputes, and stop further bloodshed and devastation. The developing Russian military invasion of Ukraine concerns each and every member of the global community. The world is already suffering so much from the unprecedented pandemic, effects of climate change, natural disasters, hunger, and poverty. As existing global problems continuously endanger the survival and well-being of many, Russian military incursion and the possibility of a heightened hostility may lead more populations, especially the vulnerable, into more suffering. Combined global efforts should rather be focused on solving existing problems, uplifting the conditions of humankind, and stopping any more misery. Let justice and peace prevail.


[1] Ptak, Alicja and Grulovic, Fedja. “Tide of Ukrainian refugees grows as UN says a million have fled.” Reuters, March 3, 2022.…/tide-ukrainian-refugees…/