The UP College of Engineering Dean, Prof. Ferdinand Manegdeg, gives his message on the 111th founding anniversary of the College.



Prof. Ferdinand G. ManegdegDean, UP College of EngineeringExecutive Director, UP National Engineering Center
111 na Taon ng Galing at Husay

“Pagkilala sa Galing at Husay” in the 111th Founding Anniversary of the UP College of Engineering honors the years of leadership in engineering education. Since 1946, UPCoE has developed multidisciplinary education with nation-building at its core. The College has produced leaders, engineers, and experts who facilitate decision-making in various industries and the government. The milestones of the various departments under the College of Engineering can only be greater in the years to come.

The College of Engineering prides itself in its alumni. Graduates produced by UPCoE have offered their expertise in manufacturing, construction, energy and power, transportation, communications, information technology, water resources, environmental management, economic planning, business management, higher education, humanities, civil governance, national defense, and even public service.

Prof. Jose Ma De Castro, one of the first computer-literate professors in the university, donated an IBM 360 mainframe computer in 1967 when he was the Director of Ford Foundation. Because of this, computer programming became integrated in many disciplines in the university which also led to the birth of BS and MS Computer Science curricula in the 1970s and ‘80s. The late Prof. Angel A. Alejandrino headed the National Hydraulic Research Center (NHRC) when significant projects on dams, irrigation, and coastal facilities were launched. Local engineers in the late 1970s, who were trained under the MS and Diploma Water Resources Program, helped in designing and operating water infrastructure in the country. Modern designs of dams were done for Ambuklao Dam, Pantabangan Dam, Agus Dam, Magat Dam, Jalaur Dam, Polangui Dam, Caliraya Dam, San Roque Dam, Casecnan Dam, and several irrigation diversions dams and coastal facilities such the port of Pulupandan.

Dr. Ibarra Cruz of the Mechanical Engineering Department spearheaded developments in fuel research, alternative energies, vehicle performance, and power generation. Students, who have flourished under his guidance, also led the way toward groundbreaking projects like alternative energies and power sources. This influenced the ratification of the Biofuels Act, the expansion of the Energy Program, and the establishment of the National Vehicle Research and Testing Center.

Artemio Disini and Jose Ernesto Villaluna were UP mining engineers who have worked with Lepanto and Philex to process mined ores, extract the valuable metals contained in them, and convert them to useful metallic materials for machines, devices and structures. The list of engineers and scientists from UPCoE goes on, and the College is fully committed to this continuum.
“Pagkilala sa Galing at Husay” in the 111th Founding Anniversary of the UP College of Engineering also honors our commitment to public service and information. We share knowledge useful for everyday life through our social media pages and radio program Itanong kay Engineer sa DZUP1602. We discuss existing policies and initiatives with experts and decision-makers in public policy lectures. The College also acts urgently on pressing situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2019, we have created engineering solutions to ease challenges faced by students, and the community within and outside of the university. Bayanihan spirit is very much alive in all that we do.

The 111th Founding Anniversary of the UP College of Engineering also applauds the excellent roster of faculty members who tirelessly innovate teaching methods. Distance learning may have presented a myriad of challenges, yet we have successfully migrated our classes online. This year, we will be conducting online recognition rites again. While the set-up may be far from the ideal, this does not stop us from celebrating the achievements of our students. To see students graduate is also an achievement for the College. Learning and education must go on. We might have taken detours because of the COVID-19 pandemic; nevertheless, to a better normal, we must go.

This month, we also express our heartfelt appreciation for the 2021 Gawad Tsanselor awardees from our College, which includes two students, Jaira Mathena Angeles and Vincent Stanley So, recipients of the Gawad Tsanselor sa Natatanging Mag-aaral; our head librarian, Sharon Maria Esposo-Betan, the recipient of Gawd Tsanselor sa Natataning REPS; and the CLINN-GEM Technology for People’s Empowerment and Participation as recipient of the Gawad Tsanselor sa Natatanging Programang Pang-Ekstensiyon. We are immensely proud of all of them as they exemplify our College’s continued commitment and dedication in academic excellence, high-quality research and service not only inside the university, but more importantly towards national development.

We celebrate all those that forged 111 years of Galing at Husay: our global leadership in engineering education, academic freedom, excellent roster of faculty members and staff, students, and research and development. It is a challenge to be one of the country’s producers of engineers, scientists, and industry leaders. But the College stands firm because of its stakeholders, students and employees, and our historic role in nation-building.

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