We would like to invite everyone to the 2020 Institute of Civil Engineering Professorial Chair Colloquium on Oct 29 & 30 (1-5 PM).Our faculty members will be presenting their research covering the various fields of civil engineering.The lectures are open to the public. Everyone is most welcome to attend.

Please pre-register through: https://bit.ly/2T60Ddt—–

October 29 (Thursday)Session CS – Construction Engineering and Management & Structural EngineeringSession GE1 – Geotechnical Engineering & Environmental and Energy EngineeringSession W – Water Resources and Coastal Engineering

October 30 (Friday)Session

SW – Structural Engineering & Water Resources and Coastal EngineeringSession TG – Transportation Engineering & Geotechnical EngineeringSession GE2 – Geotechnical Engineering & Environmental and Energy Engineering