To all graduate students, all online procedures and forms of the National Graduate School of Engineering (NGSE) for A.Y. 2020-2021 are available at the link below. Please be guided accordingly.

The PDF file can be accessed HERE, or or at

Admission to Candidacy
Request for Proposal Oral Defense
Request for Final Oral Defense
Appeal for Readmission (MRR, AWOL, and Grade Requirement)
Acceptance as Adviser/Advisee
Transfer of Thesis/Dissertation Advisership
Late Application for Graduation
Late Registration, Payment, and Change of Matriculation
Return from Leave of Absence
Permit to Completion/Removal Examination
Application for Graduation
Clearance to Transfer
Transfer of Credit
Waiver of Prerequisites
Regular/Late Filing of Dropping
Regular Filing of Leave of Absence
Late Filing of Leave of Absence
Permit to Cross-Register
Withdrawal of Enlistment beyond Deadline
Application for Shifting within the Department
Deferment Letter