Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering

The complexity of ore bodies in the country has required an equally complex processing technology for extraction and purification such that specifications for nickel, copper, and gold among other metals for downstream industries are still satisfied. Furthermore, secondary metal resources such as electronic wastes are also getting much attention for the recovery of valuable metals like gold and copper. Metallurgical engineers pursuing graduate studies can pursue research and development so that special parameters for the above mentioned systems can become feasible and profitable.

The program leading to the degree of Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering (M.S. MetE) aims to provide students with the advanced education that will prepare them for professional careers as leading metallurgical engineers in the industry, academia, or the public sector. The M.S. MetE can work for the mining and minerals industry so that sustainable and environmentally friendly practices will and always be adopted. Processing of the extracted valuable metals into useful, functional, and higher value-added metal products can also be headed engineers with this specialization.

MS Metallurgical Engineering