The U.P. College of Engineering Industry and Government Linkage with Academe Program (IGLAP) aims to narrow the divide between the classroom and the workplace to enhance engineering education in a rapidly changing global environment. Forging a well-focused industry-government-academe linkage program through internships, adjunct professorships, and joint-researches is the best way to stimulate students to innovate and come out well-adept at the cutting edge of technology. The ultimate aim is to boost industry productivity and environment sustainability in the march to national development.


  • To serve as a venue for the industry and government to tap the talents of top-notch engineering graduates and faculty.
  • To facilitate relevant research activities and joint projects across the three sectors and promote partnership in resource sharing and knowledge generation.
  • To provide opportunities for students and faculty to be exposed to industry and government work environments in order to prepare them in the conduct of nation building.
  • To make the internship program an enjoyable experience for students to develop their self-esteem and confidence in facing the real world.


Student Internships – Companies and government agencies will host 6-week long summer internships. Host companies and agencies have the benefit of getting acquainted with the students, and may hire the best ones as soon as they graduate.

Job Fairs – Job fairs and career talks organized by CAPES will give company exposure to future hires and give career options to graduating students. A part of this is ORANGE– the Online Résumés of Alumni and New Graduate Engineers.

Sharing of R&D Facilities – Government and industry sectors may share facilities with U.P. COE and vice versa.

Faculty Internships – Similar to student internships, this program aims to provide faculty with exposure to policy formulation and expertise sharing.

Adjunct Professors – For 3 hours a week, company experts will be given appointment by U.P. in order to teach relevant courses that need to be introduced or improved.

Engg 197/297 – These courses cover a range of topics such as leadership and work ethics; these are perfect venues for tripartite cooperation.

Support for Coursework Requirements – U.P. IGLAP can facilitate access to case studies and industrial plant visits.

Seminars & DALS – Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series. Experts from various sectors will be invited regularly to talk about issues of technological or national development concern.


During the College’s Diamond Jubilee in 1985, Engineering alumni Jun Berba, Jun Lirag, and Benny Hernando met with Dean Ruben Garcia to discuss alternatives with which the alumni can help the College aside from the usual donations; they set up the UP Manufacturing Industry Linkage Program (UPMLP) to address the need of the industry for core engineering-related option for our graduating students and to boost productivity. In 1997, the UPMLP was cited by the World Bank as a model of tripartite effort in industry building.

Today, different kinds of industry linkage activities are being carried out in the College, according to different Department policies. Student-initiated activities such as the CAPES (Career Assistance Program for Engineering Students) also hold job fairs and seminars that help prepare students for their job search. http://coe.upd.edu.ph/iglap/ The College now aims to integrate and harmonize all these efforts through the IGLAP — Industry and Government Linkage with Academe Program.


Dr. Eric Augustus J. Tingatinga
Associate Dean for Institutional Linkages
e-mail: eatingatinga@gmail.com

Prof. Rhadley D. Cajote
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
e-mail: rhandley.cajote@eee.upd.edu.ph

Engr. Alfonso A. Aliga, Jr.
Advisory Board for Industry Linkages
e-mail: titonitaaliga@yahoo.com

Tel. 981.8500 local 3150 or local 3102