Graduation Requirements

Number of Units

Master’s Program
The master’s degree may be obtained through either the thesis or non-thesis option. Below are the minimum requirements for most MS/ME degrees.

Thesis Non-Thesis
Major Subjects 15 21
Applied Math 6 6
Electives 3 9
Thesis 6 N/A
Comprehensive exam N/A required
Total Units 30 36

Doctoral Program
To qualify for the doctoral degree, a student must complete a minimum of twenty-four (24) units of graduate courses if he has a master’s degree, or a minimum of forty-five (45) units if he has a bachelor’s degree.

Grade Requirement

Master’s Program
A student must maintain a Cumulative Weighted Average Grade (CWAG) of 2.0 or better for all courses passed and accepted for credit towards the degree.

A student shall be disqualified from the master’s program if he:
- fails to meet the CWAG corresponding to the number of units indicated below:

CWAG No. of Units
2.35 12
2.15 13 to 18
2.06 19 and above
2.00 All required courses for the degree

In case a student fails to meet the required CWAG of 2.00, he may be allowed to take additional courses not exceeding nine (9) units to improve his CWAG, subject to the approval of his adviser. No course previously passed shall be repeated for this purpose.
- obtains a grade lower than 3.0 in six (6) or more units of graduate courses.

Doctoral Program
A doctoral student must maintain a Cumulative Weighted Average Grade (CWAG) of 1.75 or better in all the courses in his program of study.

Other Requirements for the Degree

  1. A Master’s student under the thesis option must successfully defend a Master’s Thesis and submit at least five bound and certified copies of the approved Master’s Thesis.
  2. A Master’s student under the non-thesis option must pass the Master’s Comprehensive Examination.
  3. A Doctoral student must pass the doctoral qualifying examination after passing the core, specialty, applied mathematics, and elective courses; and submit a doctoral dissertation based on an independent and original research in the chosen field and successfully pass the oral dissertation defense. At least five hard bound and certified copies of the approved doctoral dissertation must also be submitted.

Residence Rules

The time limit for completion of all degree requirements is computed from the start of first enrollment and includes all leaves of absence from the program.
Master’s – Five (5) years
Doctoral – Six (6) years for those who enter the program with a master’s degree in the same field – Eight (8) years for those who enter the program with a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in an unrelated discipline.

Meritorious cases, however, may be granted extensions beyond the maximum residence period for a period not exceeding one (1) calendar year at a time but in no case totaling more than five (5) years, provided the student shall take three (3) additional units of graduate courses during the extension period for every two (2) years of extension or a fraction thereof.

One-Year Residence Before Graduation
The student must be officially enrolled in residence at least one (1) academic year prior to the conferment of any degree.