Executive Board

Dr. Rizalinda L. De Leon
Dean, College of Engineering

Dr. Eric Augustus J. Tingatinga
Associate Dean for Institutional Linkages

Dr. Menandro S. Berana
Associate Dean for Instructions and Research

Dr. Nathaniel B. Diola
Associate Dean for Administration

Dr. Jhoanna Rhodette I. Pedrasa
College Secretery

Dr. Rhandley D. Cajote
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Dr. Mili-Ann M. Tamayao
NEC, Deputy Director

Ms. Sharon Maria S. Esposo-Betan
Head, College Library

Dr. Terence P. Tumolva
Chair, Chemical Engineering

Dr. Prospero C. Naval
Chair, Computer Science

Dr. John Richard E. Hizon
Dir., Electrical & Electronics Engineering Institute

Dr. Ariel C. Blanco
Chair/Dir., Geodetic Engineering

Dr. Ricardo G. Sigua
Dir., Institute of Civil Engineering

Prof. Lowell L. Lorenzo
Chair, Industrial Engineering

Prof. Ralph S. Jose
Chair, Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Magdaleno R. Vasquez Jr.
Chair, Mining, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering

Dr. Augustus C. Resurreccion
Program Coordinator, Environmental Engineering Program

Dr. Michael Angelo A. Pedrasa
Program Coordinator, Energy Engineering Program