Doctor of Philosophy (Civil Engineering)

The Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering have the following four fields of study:

 Structural Engineering

 Geotechnical Engineering

 Transportation Engineering

 Water Resources Engineering

The Master of Science in Civil Engineering (M.S. CE) degree may be obtained through either the Thesis or Non-Thesis option.


Geotechnical Engineering Group

 Characterization of Indigenous Geo-materials

 Construction in Problematic Geotechnical Conditions

 Assessment and Mitigation of Risk Related to Geotechnical & Geo-Environmental Hazards

PhD Civil Engineering – Geotechnical


Structural Engineering Group

 Monitoring, Assessment, Evaluation, Rehabilitation and Retrofit of Existing Structures

 Design, Development and Testing of New and Alternative Infrastructure Systems

 Loss Estimation and Risk Analysis

 Non-destructive Testing of Existing Structures

 Design and Development of Structural Analysis Software for Research and Instruction

PhD Civil Engineering – Structural


Water Resources & Coastal Engineering Group

 Water Resource Utilization, Planning and Management

 Water-Related Disasters

 Climate Change including Eco-System Change

 Coastal Engineering

PhD Civil Engineering – Water Resources


Environment & Energy Engineering Group

 Water Quality Control and Management

 Wastewater Treatment

 Solid Waste Management

 Geo-Environmental Engineering

 Disaster Risk Reduction Management

 Sustainable Infrastructure


Transportation Engineering Group

 Traffic Flow Theory and Analysis

 Sustainable Transport

 Travel Demand Management and Modelling

 Transport Safety

 Transport, Environment and Energy

PhD Civil Engineering – Transportation