College Catalogue

The documents available below are parts of the updated version of the College Catalogue of the College of Engineering 2015

  • Academic Information (pdf, 0.33MB)
  • Department of Chemical Engineering (pdf, 0.24MB)
  • Institute of Civil Engineering (pdf, 1.24MB)
  • Department of Computer Science (pdf, 0.19MB)
  • Electrical and Electronics Institute (pdf, 0.29MB)
  • Department of Geodetic Engineering (pdf, 0.23MB)
  • Department of Industrial Engineering (pdf, 0.15MB)
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering (pdf, 0.18MB)
  • Department of Mining Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (pdf, 0.70MB)
  • Energy Engineering Program (pdf, 0.22MB)
  • Environmental Engineering Program (pdf, 0.12MB)
  • College Library (pdf, 1.47MB)
  • Appendices (pdf, 0.08MB), how often can you take viagra, is cialis better than viagra or levitra, buy generic viagra online, generic cialis online