Philippine Engineering Journal Vol. 39 No. 2

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We are pleased to announce the online release of the Philippine Engineering Journal Vol. 39 No. 2, December 2018 issue! This issue features six research papers with our UP COE faculty members as lead or co-authors.

 1. Enhanced Colloidal Stability of Al2O3-Water Nanofluids Using a Lauryl Sulfate-Based Surface-Active Ionic Liquid as Dispersant (Stephen Doliente, Glaiza Postrado, Susan Arco, Rizalinda De Leon)

2. A Proposal of a Demand Shifting Function to Address the Demand-Capacity Imbalance of Capacity-Constrained Systems that Shift Demand by Discount Setting (Christian Boydon, Iris Ann Martinez, Lowell Lorenzo)

3. Multivariate Logistic Regression Approach for Landslide Susceptibility Assessment of Antipolo, Rizal (Jaime Angelo Victor, Mark Albert Zarco)

4. A Simple Hinge Model for Displacement-based Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Columns (Patrick Aylsworth Garcia, Eric Augustus Tingatinga)

5. Development of Models and Methodology for the Reliability Evaluation of Two Interconnected Power Systems (Elvin Dulce, Rowaldo Del Mundo)

6. Experimental Investigation of Jalousie Type Window Frames Subjected to Static Wind Pressure (Timothy John Acosta, Alvin Junor Carandang)

The Philippine Engineering Journal, published by the UP ERDFI for the UP National Engineering Center, serves as a national medium of exchange of technical information and dissemination of engineering knowledge through the publication of technical papers, technical notes, and research briefs.

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